Throat Chakra: Taking the Mystery Out

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The throat chakra is the fifth main chakra and the first of the higher, spiritual chakras. Ebb & Flow Healing will first explain what the throat chakra is and how it can affect your health. Be sure to read until the end where we will give some useful ways to help balance your throat at home in between your regular sessions.

Main Characteristics

The Sanskrit word for the throat chakra is vishuddha. This is where we find our voice for creative expression. The throat helps us with speaking our truth and getting heard by others. The throat chakra and the sacral chakra tend to work together regarding creativity. When both are balanced, our creativity is at its highest function. This chakra presents as a brilliant blue and is found between the collar bone and larynx.

Throat Chakra and Health

The throat is governed by the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The throat chakra affects the throat, sinuses, vocal cords, speech and mouth. When the fifth chakra is unbalanced it can cause illness such as chronic sinus problems, tonsillitis, or thyroid problems. You may also experience speech issues, fear of public speaking, or voice problems such as laryngitis. The following questions may indicate a distorted throat chakra. Do you tell the truth? Do you say what you think with confidence or stay quiet with self-doubt? Are you excessively shy? Do you talk too much, too loud, or too fast regularly? Continue reading for beneficial home activities that may help your throat chakra.

Home Work

Each week we suggest different ways to help stay in balance at home utilizing crystals, aromas and activities. Blue stones such as aquamarine, turquoise, or chrysocolla are great for assisting the throat. When paired with essential oils like rosemary, sage, or chamomile the healing benefits are increased. Do you like to use color therapy? Then try colored lights or fabrics of bright blues and other colors related to water. Simple activities such as singing or journaling what can’t be said are great releases for the throat chakra. For my yoga fans, the bow or lion pose will be the most beneficial for the throat.

Above all else, the best thing to do for your throat chakra is to communicate your thoughts, emotions, and opinions respectfully. What you have to say is important, so speak it and say it with confidence. Having trouble keeping your throat balanced and feel you need some extra help? Give Ebb & Flow Healing a call at (970) 541-9005. We would love to help you speak your truth.

Lots of Love & Universal Blessings to All

Victoria Roybal, CCH

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