Taking the Mystery Out of the Solar Plexus Chakra

April 7, 2017 Victoria Roybal No comments exist

The solar plexus chakra is the last of the lower chakras. This week Ebb & Flow Healing will take you through the main parts of this chakra. When we are done, you will find some valuable suggestions to help you balance the solar plexus at home in between your regular sessions.

Main Characteristics

The Sanskrit word for this chakra is manipura. This is where our drive for power and will lies. The solar plexus is where we access our will to set boundaries for ourselves and others. This is also where our will to free our thoughts and behaviors from dysfunction and negativity comes from. The solar plexus presents bright yellow like the sun. This chakra is located between the navel and the sternum.

Solar Plexus Chakra and Health

There is a group of cells in the pancreas called Islets of Langerhans. This is the endocrine gland associated with the solar plexus. With that said, this chakra governs more organs than all the other chakras. When this chakra is unbalanced it can have effects on metabolism, the liver, the spleen, and the pancreas. If you have digestive issues, gallstones, or ulcers it may be an indication you need to clear your solar plexus chakra. You may need work in this area if you have low self-esteem or feel a lot of shame, especially from past traumas. This is also where negative self-talk comes from. Do you feel worthless or like you never do anything right? If so, then your solar plexus most likely needs some balancing.

Home Work

While the solar plexus can cause us to feel quite low, there are easy ways to bring us back up. By using crystals, oils, and simple activities at home we can balance this chakra and feel wonderful. Incorporating yellow crystals such as citrine, topaz or yellow tourmaline while meditating will help balance, calm and clear the solar plexus. Sweet, earthy smelling essentials oils can be added to aid the crystals. Oils such as cinnamon, juniper, geranium and clary sage are best. Use caution with clary sage however because it is a powerful relaxant. Do not use this oil if you must drive, while using alcohol or when pregnant. Shrouding yourself in yellow cloths or bathing in yellow light will also raise the vibration in the solar plexus chakra.

Simple activities at home such as quiet alone time, a lot of laughter, or safely bathing in the sunlight are most beneficial for balancing this chakra. If you love yoga, use the cow pose, camel pose or sitting spinal twist to focus on the solar plexus. However, the most important thing you can do for this chakra is to repeat self-affirmations. Instead of “I am worthless” think, say aloud, and repeat to yourself in the mirror “I am worthy”. Make sure to note how light you begin to feel when you take your power back.

Sometimes we allow years and years of muck to get stuck in the solar plexus chakra. If you are finding it is being stubborn, call Ebb & Flow Healing at (970) 541-9005. We would love to give you a helping hand in clearing and balancing your solar plexus.

Lots of Love & Universal Blessings to All

Victoria Roybal, CCH

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