Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is a technique that utilizes crystals that are laid on the body in specific areas. They enhance and mingle with our natural energy frequencies. This therapy is calming, stress relieving, and very healing, both emotionally and energetically. Crystal healing is a minimal contact, clothing-on therapy.

Aroma Massage by Ebb & Flow Healing

Aroma Massage

The Aroma Massage is a gentle touch technique that applies aromatic essential oils to the body. This deeply relaxing session helps lower stress levels, boosts the immune system, and relaxes body inflammation. The technique is approximately 60 minutes and is the only modality that requires a “hands on bare back” approach.

Aroma Gem Pillows

These handmade Aroma Gem Pillows are designed to enhance each of the seven main chakras. Each pillow has one scent and one gem, to encourage the desired effects. For further information, or to order, visit the shop

Essential Oils by Ebb & Flow Healing

Essential Oils

Ebb & Flow Healing uses essential oils in all sessions. Aromas are very relaxing, promote stress release, and boost the immune system. These oils can also be used in your own home, however not all oils are created equal. We personally enjoy doTerra Essential Oils. To find out more information about the oils or to order visit My doTerra Store.

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