Muscovite: The Stone of Emotional Aide

March 3, 2017 Victoria Roybal No comments exist

This week Ebb & Flow Healing would like to spotlight majestic muscovite. I chose this amazing stone because it is so helpful in dealing with relationship emotions and expression of feelings. As I have needed a boost in this area myself recently, I wanted to share how I used muscovite to assist me.

Muscovite Physical

Muscovite is the most common form of mica. A potassium aluminum silicate mineral that forms mostly in hexagonal crystals. The coloring is typically white, gray and colorless, but it can also be found in red, violet, yellow or green. Green muscovite is also known as fuchsite. Pieces of this crystal is common in Brazil but can also be found in Russia and the United States.

Emotional Healing

Muscovite is very beneficial in aiding our emotional health. Especially regarding our personal relationships. If you need to express your thoughts and emotions to friends, family, or an intimate partner, this stone can help you. With the assistance of muscovite, you can be open and honest while holding unconditional love. When dealing with someone that knows how to push your buttons this magnificent stone will help you to react calmly. Muscovite is also a very spiritual stone. Many people that are going through a quick awakening find solace in this crystal.

Physical Healing

Muscovite can be quite helpful in pain relief. Especially in cases of headaches and migraines. It has also been found to be beneficial for persons with dizziness or vertigo symptoms. If you suffer from nightmares, insomnia or other sleep issues, try sleeping with muscovite under your pillow. It has been reported to calm bad dreams and allow for easier and better rest. For those of us that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or other chronic pain injuries muscovite is a stone to turn to for relief.

When I am needing a little extra attention for my third eye or crown chakra I meditate with this beautiful stone. Muscovite has a gentle energy that I love whether I am needing pain relief, emotional release or to boost trust in my own intuition. Fuchsite is also wonderful for the heart chakra. Be sure to add this specimen to your healing journey basket.

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Victoria Roybal, CCH

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