What Is Energy Healing?

Everyone and everything is energy! Even though there are many energies in the world, they have different vibrational patterns and automatically resonates with other similar patterns. Energy healing is a practice that uses tools such as crystals, essential oils, sound, and color to raise our energetic vibrational levels to match Mother Earth\’s natural resources. This kind of healing is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, stress relieving, clothing on, minimal contact therapy.  Because of its many benefits, this all natural healing is used by both men and women!

Why Use Energy Healing?

Many scientists are now recognizing that our emotional and energetic state can result in physical disease.  Our natural healers strive to bring balance to the emotional and energy bodies for whole health to aid our physical health.  Additionally, we help clients get much needed stress relief and a level of deep relaxation that is hard to come by in our busy, technology based world.  It has been proven scientifically that lowering your stress levels can greatly effect your health!  Lowered stress can cause an increase in your immune system.   Also, by lowering your stress, it can lower your chances of cancer, heart attack, and many other medical conditions.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying this all natural method!  Check out the services that we offer!

Benefits Of Energy Healing

In raising our energetic patterns, we allow for the removal of deep emotional blockages.  By removing the blockages, it aids in healing our mind and physical body.  These higher vibrations also help us open ourselves to achieve emotional and spiritual growth. Energy healing helps promote whole body health, stress release, and full relaxation.  This all helps to increase our immune system, allow for better sleep and rest, and open an awareness of whole body care.

*Note: Aroma Massage is a hands on, bare back and feet therapy

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