The Crystal Healing Experience

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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing or crystal therapy is a noninvasive, natural, holistic, energy healing technique. This involves the application of crystal and stones on or around the body to work with our energy field.

Our energy field, also known as our aura, absorbs and stores energy from trauma, emotions, illness, the environment, and our negative thoughts. Healing simply means bringing our mind, body, and spirit back into harmony and restoring the body’s natural rhythm. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clear our aura to boost our health, emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

By precisely placing crystals on the body we can tap into the earthly energy of the stones. This aids in moving, absorbing, focusing, and shifting energy within to help the body find its natural rhythm. This can induce deep relaxation, release stress, reduce pain, and promote balance within the physical and energetic bodies.

Ancient cultures all over the world used healing crystals to align, clear and transform their energy, spirit, and physical health. However, crystal healing is a complementary technique. This means it is meant to work alongside all other therapies, medications, and procedures you are currently receiving. It is important to understand that crystal healing is not a cure. And crystal healers are not medical professionals.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystals hold a very high and precise rate of vibration which is why they are utilized in modern technology. Ranging from liquid crystal diodes and calculators, to credit cards, laser technology and computers. Crystals vibrate at different levels depending on their composition and color. By placing them on and/or around the body we allow the rate of their vibration to raise our frequency. Thus, enabling us to clear out negativity, old thought patterns, and emotional blocks, restoring a perfect balance. We need to be in balance to be in perfect health.

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing brings about a deep relaxation. This can be an effective antidote for anxiety or depression and is helpful in maintaining a general well-being. It can also relieve stress and stress related symptoms. As muscle tension relaxes, pain decreases. By increasing the energy flow through the meridians, crystals can improve health and rejuvenate the body. Many people experience waves of pure pleasure while feeling grounded and connected. Crystal therapy can stop energy depletion while restoring energy to the body and mind. This technique is great for those in need of increased self-esteem and focus enhancement. This technique can stimulate calm and creative brain activity or decrease sleep issues. You can also transform unwanted behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs. As well as heal in your personal and spiritual growth. These are only some of the amazing benefits.

What to Expect in a Session?

Crystal healing sessions are personal and vary with each client and healer. With that said, there are certain things you can expect.

Upon arriving I will take a history and chat with you to take all factors into consideration. As well as determine what goals you with your healing you are wanting to achieve. You will then be made comfortable on the massage table where your only worry is to let go and deeply relax. Crystals will then be placed on and/or around your body. Some clients have reported the feeling of tingly sensations, seeing different colors or shapes, feelings of being comforted, or simply falling asleep. It is quite normal to burst out laughing or in tears or even feel the need to scream, as suppressed emotions receive permission to be released. And others have felt nothing at all except a pure sense of peace, pleasure and relaxation surrounding their entire body. Sessions are tailored to you and will differ depending on the nature of your concern; they can last anywhere from 30 min. to 90 min.

Once the session is over all crystals will be removed and I will ensure you are fully grounded while we discuss your session. I will take some time to explain what crystals and other tools were used. I will also make my recommendations for your personal treatment plan. This plan will include helpful things that should be done at home. This is also the time I will answer any questions you may have.

I am always asked how often one should have a crystal therapy session. I suggest at least 1 session a month for maintenance. As each session builds on one another, I have found that clients who stick with a schedule achieve the results they are striving for. And clients have reported that they feel ongoing treatments support their overall health.

How Can You Start Your Crystal Healing Journey?

Getting started in your crystal healing journey is easy! There are multiple ways you can get started.

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