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September 16, 2018
Victoria Roybal

The Crystal Healing Experience

What is Crystal Healing? Crystal healing or crystal therapy is a noninvasive, natural, holistic, energy healing technique. This involves the application of crystal and stones on or around the body to work with our energy field. Our energy field, also known as our aura, absorbs and stores energy from trauma, emotions, illness, the environment, and our

August 18, 2018
Victoria Roybal

Who Am I To Be Helping Others Heal: About Victoria Roybal, CCH

I’m Going To Be Honest. I have procrastinated for almost three years on writing this. I kept getting stuck on the question: Who am I to be giving advice to and helping others heal? Let’s face it, my upbringing was one of poverty, abuse, and trauma and my young adult years were quite colorful. Today

May 12, 2017
Victoria Roybal

Crown Chakra: Taking the Mystery Out

We end this fun chakra series with the crown chakra. Keep in mind there are many other smaller chakras within the body to be explored. Ebb & Flow Healing covered the seven main chakras that are most in need of balance for the overall health and well-being of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Now

May 5, 2017
Victoria Roybal

Third Eye Chakra: Taking the Mystery Out

I apologize last week’s blog was missed. Unfortunately, I was sick and needed some extra TLC and down time. Now that I am back up and running this week, Ebb & Flow Healing is excited to walk you through the third eye chakra. This chakra is my personal favorite as it has always been quite

April 21, 2017
Victoria Roybal

Throat Chakra: Taking the Mystery Out

The throat chakra is the fifth main chakra and the first of the higher, spiritual chakras. Ebb & Flow Healing will first explain what the throat chakra is and how it can affect your health. Be sure to read until the end where we will give some useful ways to help balance your throat at