Crystal Healing by Ebb & Flow Healing to help clients relax
Ebb and Flow Healing offers energy healing
Ebb and Flow Healing offers many services

Ebb & Flow Healing Mission

Ebb & Flow Healing was founded on January 1, 2016 by Victoria Roybal.  Providing and teaching others about whole body healing through realigning  of energetic frequency and how to relax, is her passion.  This assists in removal of emotional blocks, aids in healing, and opens spiritual growth.  At Ebb & Flow Healing, we strive to promote health and stress release via physical and energetic entrainment.  Tools such as crystals, aroma therapy, colors, sounds, and essential oils, are tools we use to help our clients relax.

Who Is Victoria Roybal, CCH?

Victoria Roybal is the proud mother of four wonderful sons, and grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter.  Since she was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to help and heal others.  Throughout her life, Victoria had many successes and accomplishments in the medical field, publishing, and running local small businesses for others.  While she enjoyed her adventures, none of them were as fulfilling as what she felt when she was helping people.  While she was running a successful, local restaurant, the owner noted that Victoria had a knack for going above and beyond in helping the employees…even past the scope of work related issues.  That is when Victoria decided it was time to open a company of her own, and follow her true calling to help, heal, and teach others to relax.

Victoria’s Certifications

Victoria holds many certifications.

Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy
Certified in Aromatouch Massage Technique
Chakra Wisdom Certified
Level I Certified Lifeforce Energy Healer
Certified In Reiki
Certified Life Coach

Victoria is also associated with several organizations

World Metaphysical Association
Healers Unite
Lightworker Locator

Testimonials From Some Ebb & Flow Healing Clients

“Victoria is a very good healer with a great vibe and attitude.  I felt completely welcomed and had a fun time with my session.  I have, and will continue, to recommend Ebb & Flow Healing to others.”
Daniel R.

“Ebb & Flow Healing was so rejuvenating, refreshing…just what my body needed!  Thank you!”
Michael J

“I did a crystal healing session with Victoria and I’m glad I did.  She was very welcoming and friendly.  I could tell she cares about her work and wants to help people.  I laid on the table and was open to all of the energy and vibrance.  After all, I felt a lot better.”
Nicole K.

“I went into a crystal healing thinking, ‘How can this really help me?’. After Vicki explained the process, I relaxed to a state I normally can’t get to. The energy flowed all around me, outlining the world in colors. I woke re-energized and felt as if I have been from a sluggish state to a positive and more fulfilled one.”
Holly H.

“Ebb & flow healing is an amazing service. Nothing feels better than having someone who knows how to work with the energies to get yours flowing right again. Crystal healing is so relaxing and I always feel 1000 times better than I did before getting my chakras in check! She is experienced and takes time to ensure your comfortable. You definitely can not beat the pricing for these amazing services!”
Haley P

“I just got my Aroma Gem Pillows and my free Chakra Bracelet for just placing an order! The moment these Pillows got into my hands and walked through the door of my house, there was an inviting, welcoming and claiming feeling that came with it! Thank you for taking the time and effort into making these perfect for me! Lord knows I need the healing that comes with them!! Thank you!!! ♡♡♡”
Haley P

“All of my sessions with Ebb and Flow healing have been perfect. I am always lighter in spirit and happier in mood. I fully recommend to everyone I know!”
Chaunte M

“My sessions with Ebb& Flow were wonderful! I felt so relaxed and spiritually grounded after each one. Vicki loves what she does and is a wonderful person to talk to and learn from. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!”
Nicole R

“What an amazing service! It’s been about two weeks and I’m still feeling wonderful!”
Tasha T