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When you choose Ebb and Flow Healing, you make the choice to treat your body to the best relaxation that you have ever experienced!   We use several services to rid your body of negative energy and fill you with joy and relaxation!

Ebb and Flow Healing offers Aroma Massage

The Services We Offer

We offer several services to our clients to help them relax and heal naturally.  Our affordable services will have you feeling tranquil and better than you have for years!

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Ebb and Flow Healing offers energy healing

Energy Healing

Energy is part of everything and every person on the Earth!  Learn more about what energy healing is and find out why it is important to your health!

Energy Healing

Find inner balance and energy with Ebb and Flow Healing

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Find out what Ebb and Flow can do for you!  By contacting us, you will begin your journey to relaxation like you have not felt in years!

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